There are plenty of websites around that talk on and on about the technicalities of the USMLE examination process, how to apply for it, and how to get your exam ticket and how to get your visa etc etc... 

This site assumes that you already know how to apply for the USMLE exam, and how to drive to the exam site. So we are going to entirely focus on how to get a top score in the USMLE instead.

The study material for the USMLE examination is really vast. The total number of topics that you are expected to know in detail is massive, and the number of books and guides and courses out there are truly mindboggling. 

Preparing for the USMLE is not rocket science, it is fairly simple and straightforward if you remember a few simple principles. 

1) You must learn and remember some core facts, these you have to know cold. You can either make your own notes or you can use any of the USMLE study notes that are available out there. We recommend the USMLE DENVER NOTES over all other review notes that are available on the market. What we like about these are the fact that they are very minimalistic, they have managed to strike a balance between being comprehensive and being focussed on the exam. It has everything you need and nothing that you don't need. Many of other review notes available are either too detailed and unsuitable for an exam review, or they are too short and leave out too much. 

2) Review the main points over and over again, until you remember them. Make sure you do not leave out anything that is important. Don't get lost in the minute details. 

3) Use the multiple choice question and answer review guides and test yourself now and then. You don't need any fancy courses or special program, you can pick up any USMLE review guide from amazon, and test yourself to see how strong your knowledge base is. Don't get caught up in a meaningless debate about which multiple choice review is the best. They are all good. But remember that the review questions are just a tool to tell you whether you are ready for the test of not.

Many of the medical students who have done really well in the USMLE have created their own notes, which are generally better than the published notes. If you can talk one of them into selling you his or her old notes, that is the surest way to a great score in the USMLE. 

Of the USMLE step 1 subjects, Biochemistry is the trickiest one, and this is the one subject that could drop your overall scores if you are not well prepared. So put extra effort into Biochem, it will pay off handsomely. 

On this site you will find some free notes, covering some important topics that you should be very thorough with. We will add more of these free notes depending on our time availability, because these notes to take a lot of time to put together. If you like them, please tell your friends. If you would like to add any of your own personal  notes to our site, please email it to us at Please remember to include a statement verifying that you are the legal copyright owner, giving us permission to include your notes on our site. 

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